Guide to placing bets on eSports

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Guide to placing bets on eSports

Guide to placing bets on eSports

Electronic sports or eSports have been gaining prominence with the video game industry growth. Millions of people follow eSports games. Given the sporting and competitive nature of eSports tournaments, they are among the sportsbooks’ betting options.

What are eSports?

An eSport is an electronic sport in which athletes compete by transmitting orders through a command, keyboard, or a computer mouse, to a virtual agent. This virtual agent may be a video game character, for example.

The athlete’s physique takes a back seat, with mental agility, planning, and memory being the most important aspects.

Among the most popular eSports formats are combat, strategy, and sports.

Most popular eSports to bet on

  • League of Legend Betting: This is the most popular eSport in the world. You can bet on the winner, games with a handicap, and whether there will be a certain number of kills.
  • Counter Strike Betting: Counter Strike Global Offensive is a game that has reached millions of followers. Besides betting on the winner in this game, you can bet on each map’s winner with or without handicaps. On top of that, you can bet on the total number of rounds played on a map.
  • Betting Dota 2: Defense of the Ancients 2 or DOTA 2 is famous for having the largest international tournament in terms of prizes. Some teams like OG or Liquid are well known in the world of eSports. You can bet on the match-winner, which team will get the first kill, or which team will reach a certain number of kills.
  • Call of Duty Betting: This is one of the best shooters of all time. The most common bets in Call Of Duty are on the game-winner, the winner with different handicaps, or the total number of kills.
  • Fifa Betting: This is the sports game par excellence, a soccer simulator that sells millions of copies worldwide each year. As it is a football game, the bets can be as many as the bookie offers. The most frequent betting markets are the winner, a handicap, over/under goals, and exact score.

Tips for betting on eSports              

Check your player’s recent form: Check the player or team’s recent form you are going to bet on, as well as that of the opponent. It may be that one team, normally better than another, goes through a bad playing moment. That could affect the odds of winning the game.

Review the precedents: In eSports, as in physical sports, it is common for some teams to get better results off facing particular rivals. If we can review the most recent matches, we can get a significant advantage.

The playing style is one of the keys: For example, some teams or players show a daring and risky style in shooter games. This style leads them to high death rates. As it occurs in physical sports, reviewing available statistics will be useful for betting on eSports.

With increasingly sophisticated and fun games, fans of this type of entertainment have begun to follow the best in the field. Therefore, in countries such as Japan or South Korea, they are true idols among young people as football players are.

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