AC Milan: The Decline of One of Europe’s Finest Clubs

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AC Milan: The Decline of One of Europe’s Finest Clubs

AC Milan: The Decline of One of Europe’s Finest Clubs

One of the biggest disappointments of the last decade in the football world is the AC Milan decline. The crisis in which this club fell has even made it an irrelevant team in Serie A.

AC Milan was a powerful team in Europe. With more than 100 years of history, 7 UEFA Champions League, 18 league championships, and 5 Italian cups, this team is historic in world football.

Rossoneri’s last title in the Italian Serie A occurred in 2011. At that time, the club began to be questioned for not renewing the squad and losing Europe’s competitiveness. What had been happening was the fall of Silvio Berlusconi’s empire, then the owner of the club.

The AC Milan Decline

Berlusconi stopped investing money in the club after the corruption and abuse of power scandals in which he was involved. That resulted in fewer and less competitive teams.

Since 2013, the club was unable to occupy the top four places in the Italian League. In the middle of the decade, Milan stopped competing in the Champions League. Il Diavolo had to settle for competing only for the Italian Cup, which it almost won in 2016 and 2018.

Disorganization took hold of the club’s leadership, leading to two owner changes since 2017 and a parade of 10 coaches over the last 10 years. Among them were former club historic players such as Seedorf, Inzaghi, and Gattuso. Likewise, the club went from signing stars like Van Basten or Shevchenko to second-level players and promises that never materialized.

In 2017, Berlusconi sold the club to a Chinese businessman named Li Yonghong. The new owner invested more than 200 million Euros in transfers in 2017; however, the results were not expected.

Later, they found out that this businessman defrauded the investors he turned to buy AC Milan. Therefore, the club fell into the hands of a new owner, the American corporation Elliot Management.

Is there new hope for AC Milan?

In the 2019/2020 season, the team finished in the Serie A sixth position under the Italian coach Stefano Pioli’s guidance, allowing it to play the rounds leading up to the next UEFA Europa League.

The highlight was the way the club recovered from a bad start. Three wins and four losses in seven games led to the dismissal of the season-opener coach Marco Giampaolo.

Piolo took the team in his replacement and led it to be undefeated in 23 of its last 26 league matches. Besides, in the last 6 2019/2020 Serie A matches, the team scored 18 goals and only received 5. The defensive side of the team was the most outstanding. It was the fourth team that received the fewest goals in the Italian championship.

So, the team seems to be assimilating the new coach’s ideas. Moreover, this new AC Milan has young talented players, mostly with contracts in force for a few more seasons, generating hope among its fans.

We hope to be witnessing the rebirth of one of the finest football clubs in Europe. Thus, AC Milan will have to be followed closely next season.

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